Bauhaus University Weimar (BUW)

BUW worked out the ecological master plan, designed several buildings like the faculty building, university church, new sanitary block, guest houses, student hostels and the respective decentralized sanitary systems.


University of Hohenheim (UHOH)

UHOH takes care of the utilization of the harvested waste water nutrients in the VVU farmland. The experts developed a plant system to be used under different conditions. The firms offer the ecological sanitary engineering inside (Berger-Biotechik) and outside the buildings (Palutec).

The commercial partners are responsible for the long term function of all the sanitary installations and the ecological cycling on site and also for the marketing of their products and services in the area of ecological cycling and eco-techniques in Ghana and elsewhere.

Ecological Engineering Society (IOV)

IOV is the coordinating institution and works on long term quality management.


Berger-Biotechnik (BB)

Palutec Company (PT)