The first year 2003

The main focus of the pre-phase of the ecological sanitation project in 2003 was on reworking the existing master plan into an ecological one and developing a concept for water and nutrients within the holistic ecological concept. The existing sanitary facilities of the administration building were replaced by ecological ones, such as water saving and separating toilets, urinals and tanks. Initial training courses for craftsmen, students, staff and faculty took place using the installed new sanitary fittings. A field trials were prepared and first crops have been grown. In this pre-phase also the evaluation of the acceptance of these installations started.

The second year 2004

A sanitary block near the new cafeteria was built and the eco-friendly sanitary fittings including urinals, a biogas plant and water saving toilets have been installed. Urine from the existing main building was used on the farms to grow maize. First, rainwater collecting systems at the women’s centre and at Swansi’s house have been implemented. The Oyibi Community Water system, of which VVU is a member and part of the board, is in operation. In August, all the Ghanaian and German partners met at the University of Glessen in Germany, to discuss and to come into consensus about the whole development: the buildings, installations and accompanying measures of the main phase of the project till 2007. According to the new established cooperation agreements, the year 2004 also saw the first students of the universities of Augsburg and Magdeburg at VVU.

The years to come


Research and development will go on. It will include the completion of the guest houses, faculty building and new cafeteria with their respective ecological sanitary engineering, more rain and grey water harvesting and more utilization of the harvested waste water nutrients in the farm area.