Valley View University (VVU), Ghana’s Premier Chartered Private University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ecological Engineering Society (IÖV) – Germany.

With the signing of the agreement, the two parties will work together to realise the vision of Valley View University being the first Eco–university in Africa. The agreement will also apply to the future ecological measures VVU takes for developments.


Historical Background

In 2001, the German in collaboration with Valley View University teamed up to establish the implementation of an eco-master plan for the whole of VVU campus. This master plan was to design VVU faculty buildings, sanitary blocks, implementation of the Baobab-centre, water installations and a sachet water production. The rest include two rainwater storages underground roads, preservation of nature areas, and the planting of ca. 4000 trees.

The implementation process was done with the German funding programmes of the Ministries for Education and Research (BMBF), and later the Ministry of Environment (BMU). A total sum of ca. 2 Mio Euro was spent by the German side for VVU and the German partners.

The agreement was formalised after reasonable efforts were made by VVU to pursue the vision of the master plan.  In February 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was sign between the German side, represented by Gunther Geller, President of IÖV , and Dr Seth A. Laryea, the then President of Valley View University.

Under the MOU, VVU was to continue pursuing the vision of becoming the first holistic eco-friendly university in Africa.  VVU was to among others, maintain and operate current and future ecological systems established on campus.


The New Agreement

Based on the previous agreement and cooperation from both parties: eco-programmes, endeavours, and achievements between 2001 and 2011, a new agreement to continue with the sustenance of the eco-master plan has been signed in April, 2016. This new agreement is to make the new administration proceed with the eco-development of VVU and give it high emphasis and priority. Gunther Geller, President of IÖV, on the German side and responsible for the coordination of the joint Ghanaian-German programmes, was invited by VVU. After an evaluation on the state of the situation, some recommendations were made to see the way forward.

These recommendations and suggestions include VVU making her intentions about ecology clear in all of her dealings; there should be a manifestation of continuous eco-friendly structural developments; to develop a comprehensive master-plan where all decisions and measures will be derived from; by building partnerships and coordination with development partners to make sure there is funding for the eco-developmental projects; to establish eco-studies and eco-trainings which are practically oriented; and finally, the uniqueness of VVU being an eco-friendly environment and taking up eco-developments, should be broadcasted.

The major reasons for these recommendations are to make sure there is, the sustainability of the project, others to learn from our experience, and to make sure VVU creates a sustainable campus to keep nature in a way that shows our respect to God and His gift to mankind.



In order for the Valley View University to become the first ecological university in Africa, the overall concept of the ecological development should be integrated aiming at creating a well-balanced campus of interdisciplinary team, with a common goal to develop, implement and evaluate sustainable methods of urban planning, building, sanitation, and agriculture.